Alongside of an international leader in the production of rubber and thermoplastic compounds

A highly innovative plant, where machines and individual operating phases are interconnected. This is the goal of A.ST.I.M., who is alongside of an international leader in the production of rubber and thermoplastic compounds to assure the most modern digital technologies not only in production, but in all business processes.

There are several intervention areas to make this significant transition from a 3.0 scenario (high level of automation) to the National Industry Plan 4.0, featuring real-time sharing information even in areas not directly linked to production, with very different technologies but strongly integrated and that in some cases also characterize the everyday life of us all and that more and more in the future will be central: not just generating large data but above all great data analysis capabilities, cyber-physical systems and decentralized intelligence.

By transforming CPUs and HMI interfaces to the adoption of a multi-server / multi-client architecture for the SCADA component that will also allow you to manage fully virtualized environments. The project was conceived with the presence of a Manufacturing Execution System that, in addition to managing the individual subordinate functions, will directly interfere (almost becoming one) with the MRP/ERP responsible for optimizing organizational processes, Logistical-productive integration.

The next step will be called “cognitive automation“: machines generate big data that are processed in real time by distributed and interconnected computing centers that can evaluate needs, simulate production programs, manage the progress of the selected production program and deistributing real-time information to all departments (from maintenance to analysis labs, from pre-production test lines to real production lines, from administration to sales offices: sales and purchases to logistics management). The ever-increasing expertise in the augmented reality and virtual reality of A.ST.I.M. let’s think that in a few years, what is now viewable on a tablet, rather than a smartphone or an industrial PDA, tomorrow will be on glasses and other wearable devices. If for A.ST.I.M. this today is already a reality in the field of maintenance and training of operators involved in technical interventions, tomorrow it will be seamless for all the rest.

The assignment entrusted to A.ST.I.M. confirms the skills gained over ten years during which the company has been the role of integrator of medium-sized systems and general contractor for industrial automation with experience in rubber/plastic, food, oil & gas, naval and packaging markets.