Support and social responsibility: to promote in an open, inclusive and plural way the dissemination and consolidation of ethical principles and social responsibility, in economic and administrative activities, in order to promote sustainable development. In addition to the enhancement of human capital, there is also an intense commitment to the outside.

  • Defining criteria, modalities and systems of appraisal of the ethically just behaviors in business.
  • Ensuring the development of a network of relationships with other companies, institutions and associations in the area.
  • Sensitizing young people, schools, institutions, stakeholders and the whole community to the issues related to diversity and inclusion, and in particular to the need for a much wider pool of young women graduates and graduates in STEM disciplines.
    • By promoting and encouraging:
    • initiatives in the common interest of members and their stakeholders;
    • the inclusion of women graduates or graduates in STEM disciplines (but not only);
    • the exchange of information between the company and the reference community on the experiences, practices and tools of economics and good administration, with particular reference to schools, associations and institutions;
    • the exchange of information between the company and the reference community on how the military instrument and the related industry, with a view to global cooperation, can be a stabilisation and peace-seeking instrument, with particular reference to schools, associations and institutions;
    • initiatives for the dissemination of good practice to increase awareness of corporate social responsibility;
    • dissemination initiatives in favour of a greater awareness of climate change issues, the green economy and the importance of adopting sustainable organizational and production models also and not only from a climate point of view;
    • The initiatives of education, training and updating of members, employees and collaborators in general;
    • meetings, conferences and seminars on issues of great importance.
  • By supporting:
    • sports associations that promote sport and its values as elements of fundamental importance for the growth and formation of the individual and as an attractive pole for youth aggregation;
    • associations promoting the importance and values of NATO ;
    • voluntary and/or service associations working in the field of civil protection, the defence of fundamental human rights, the defence of women and children, bringing support and help (including health care) to the most vulnerable, the sick, the disabled, to the needy;
    • combatant and weapon associations operating in civil protection, in support of FF.OO. and/or FF.AA. for the protection and security of the territory, the State and the founding values of our society, and in the dissemination of the values and traditions of FF.OO. and/or FF.AA.