The Strategic Plan of A.ST.I.M 2030 addresses the long-term choices in the development of A.ST.I.M. Srl for the coming years with the aim of making the company:


  • National leader in our flagship sectors: tactical mission systems for force projection, emergency management and integration of tactical radio systems.
  • Making authority a distinctive feature for which market and customers can recognize us
  • By gaining a prominent role in the major national programmes of the FF.AA. & FF.OO.
  • Relevant player in the EMEA market


  • Transparent and punctual
  • reliable and attractive to stakeholders
  • Profitable and capable of generating solid cash flows


  • Raising awareness of environmental issues among staff
  • Preventing all forms of pollution
  • Adapting its structures and processes to every legislative update


  • Able to plan its evolution over a very long period
  • Present on at least one space mission within the next decade
  • Reference point for high technology and artificial intelligence (A.I.)