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mission & vision

“Our technology for your security and your freedom”.

Interpreting constantly the vocation to continuous improvement A.ST.I.M. invests every year about 10% of Turnover in an intense and ongoing Research & Development program.


A.ST.I.M. know-how ranging from radar and sonar systems, electro-optical payload and laser, telecommunication systems by cable, radio or satellite, to those to counter Nuclear-Chemical-Biological-Radiological threats.

In terms of quality, the company has made its own procedures guided by the ISO 9001: 2015, in particular way for research and development, design, manufacture, maintenance and repair activities in relation to: computer systems, telecommunications systems, software applications and integrated systems for civil, industrial, naval, airport and military application..

Software skills and constantly developed software

News & press release

Our Team

Being a leader in A.ST.I.M. means research and promote excellence, facilitate entry to young people and diversity, promote the ethical values of integrity and fairness. Leaders of A.ST.I.M. make decisions that protect the health and safety of workers as well as the environment and nature.

In a market increasingly competitive and changing world, the leaders of A.ST.I.M., with study and address the deepening of geopolitical issues like technical ones contextualizing every strategic decision within the global scenario.


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We are always looking for new components to join our team.