Mission & Vision



Our technology for your security and your freedom

Interpreting constantly the vocation to continuous improvement A.ST.I.M. invests every year about 10% of Turnover in an intense and ongoing Research & Development program.

A.ST.I.M. believes firmly in values as Security and Freedom, fundamental rights for the individual and communities, and works hard to preserve them as a precondition for the economic and social collective progress.

Company profile

Values charter


We believe that only through study and deepening you can truly understand the problems and thus reach the right solutions.” This is why we invest in young people and their education

A.ST.I.M. constantly it promotes the values of justice, respect, tolerance, inclusion, and excellence. To do this A.ST.I.M. adopted a number of internal policies intended to encourage the entry in the company of young women and young men, school-leavers and fresh graduates, from all over the world and in identifying cultural differences, gender and religious an important value that will increase the overall competitive capacity of the company.

A.ST.I.M. aims to carry all their activities respecting the utmost transparency and ethics, with moral integrity and fairness, pursuing the statutory purposes.

A.ST.I.M. Srl apre le sue porte in occasione del PMI DAY 2021. Il nostro CEO, Maurizio Minghelli, racconta brevemente le origini della nostra azienda. Daniele Solari, Proposal & Program Manager, spiega invece il percorso commerciale del nostro prodotto di riferimento: SeaGuardian®. Infine Tiziano Vuksan, studente di Ingegneria informatica e dipendente A.ST.I.M., illustra brevemente l’interfaccia di SeaGuardian®.