Searching for performance, behavior, meritorious examples is the viaticum for the growth of the individual as well as of the organization.

A.ST.I.M. Srl seeks, in every situation, the enhancement of merit to stimulate performance, results, best behavior.

The goal is to create a “virtuous circle” between results, tension for improvement count and constant, allowing you to reward and recognize the merits.

This virtuous circle is the best and most solid prerequisite for organizational development through constant and continuous attention to the development of individual components of the organization.

A performance management process has therefore been activated, which every year is renewed with the definition of new objectives to be pursued, both quantitative and qualitative as well as improvement in behaviour and skills. It continues throughout the year with the constant attention of the manager who dialogues, directs, supports, supports his collaborators and culminates with the evaluation of the results. This is an extraordinarily important phase because it embodies the dialogue and discussion between the manager and the collaborator in a transparent, thorough and constructive way. From the results of the performance assessment, the managers, the HR department and the Management are able to define the merits to be recognized, the training needs on which to focus on the improvement of individuals and the development projects for individuals.

This process, year after year, will allow to trigger and preserve the tension to continuous improvement, ensuring a growing capacity to generate professionalism in all its forms and for each individual component of the organization and to pursue the best possible results.