ethics and compliance

The role played by A.ST.I.M. Srl on the national and international market and the nature and importance of the activity from the same carried out presupposes the commitment, by those who work in A.ST.I.M. Srl or who, in any capacity, operate on its behalf for the purposes of achieving the Company’s objectives, to operate with loyalty, seriousness, honesty, competence and transparency, as well as with timely compliance with laws, market rules, the principles of fair competition, respecting the legitimate interests and expectations of customers, suppliers, investors and anyone who comes into contact with business operations.

In order to allow the correct development of the complex relationships that follow, A.ST.I.M. Srl promotes, in the performance of its activities, the ethics of behavior and considers, as a fundamental criterion to which to standardize every action, fairness in internal and external relations.

Transparency, fairness, professional commitment, good faith and moral rigor are the ethical principles that A.ST.I.M. Srl is inspired – and from which derives its own models of conduct – in order to compete effectively and loyally on the market, improve the satisfaction of its customers, increase the value for investors and stakeholders, and develop the skills and professional growth of its human resources.

In particular, the conviction to act, in any way, to the advantage of the company does not justify the adoption of behaviors contrary to the aforementioned principles.