contamination of ideas

A.ST.I.M. Srl believes in people as real corporate assets. It’s through each individual that makes up the team that is able to develop products, services and relationships that will have the uniqueness that we seek. Uniqueness in the challenge towards excellence, in reliability, in the sense of responsibility that will determine our place in the market.

To ensure all this it is essential to believe and seek innovation in every aspect of our action and continuous improvement in what we already do. But it is not possible to ensure continuous innovation and improvement except through comparison with others, and in particular with companies outside the company and not necessarily in the same market.

This comparison allows us to question ourselves and produces continuous references to what we could and can do compared to what we already know. It’s the contamination that makes us what we are inside the world we want to be in, allows us to understand it and be in communication with everything around us.