Human Capital

Diversity is for A.ST.I.M. Srl a distinctive factor of competitiveness, attraction of talent, enhancement of human capital and innovation, a central element for the sustainable growth of the company. The increasingly interconnected and collaborative working environment has a strong influence on individual behaviour, generating confidence and increasing employee engagement, with a direct impact on customers, profits and productivity.

In A.ST.I.M. Srl they work in various parts of Italy and with different ethnic groups. It is a human capital composed mainly of STEM profiles, characterized by a generational diversity that promotes the exchange of experiences and skills.

The corporate culture is based on listening and dialogue, meritocracy and respect for the principles expressed in the Charter of Values and on the example that each person is daily obliged to give to others, to give everyone opportunities for growth and foster an inclusive working environment, based on the multidimensionality of human capital, innovation and a sense of belonging.