The search and rescue missions system now supplied to the CP 328, “Admiral Francese” 

During this period when the territorial waters becomes a very sensitive component of the state’s security, and an important ecosystem’s element to preserve, the demand of sophisticated solutions for their control increases. To meet these type of needs, the A.ST.I.M’s search and rescue missions system was born. The last of these systems was installed onboard the class 300 patrol boat of the Italian Coast Guard. In fact, after the installation onboard the Class 900, 800 and 400, the equipment is now supplied to the CP 328, “Admiral Francese“, in use at the Coast Guard of Ravenna. In particular way, the naval mission system SeaGuardian Tactical Mission System / EOSS-7a of A.ST.I.M. has been chosen by the Italian Coast Guard as it meets the technical and operational requirement claimed by this Corps.

SeaGuardian TMS is able to represent; at any time, the operational scenario of the monitored area on a digital cartography, using the radar tracks, AIS targets, or other discovery systems. The operator can use, at his choice, different types of digital maps depending on the tactical / operational situation where he is operating (such as the modern Blue Marble maps in addition to the traditional ones: Navionics and ENC); he may also choose to represent all targets on fused way (“data fusion”), or filter them by type and discovery sensor, as well as to manage pre-coded and digitized search grids and patterns. Using four different target-tracking algorithms, to which are added other three different video tracking methods, to operate even in extreme weather conditions, keeping always the target pointed. The onboard operators can display images, system and tactical data from any monitor installed on board, while a workstation is dedicated to manage the command and control capabilities provided by the system.

Along with this, the special SeaGuardian EOSS-7a Surveillance Sensor is characterized by his higher technological conception, for mid-range day and night vision performances with a special focus on cyber-security. In fact, all data and images produced are recorded and if necessary, sent to the remote control rooms in safe way, we mean protected by a sophisticated encryption system. The mission system is projected to receive, transmit and share tactical data and target images discovered by sensors who are directly connected on-board or remotely controlled (installed on board other vessels or in a ground station and interconnected via radio data link), composing in this way an efficient collaborative system with very high performance which help to reduce the time of operation increasing chances of success.

Following to the installation of the system an operator’s training was also completed, by A.ST.I.M’s specialists, envisaging simulation of situations during the classroom and during the activities at sea. In addition, over the past few weeks, as a testimony to the established partnership between A.ST.I.M. and the Coast Guard, the intervention onboard of another naval unit has been completed, this time it is a class 800, for the supply, installation and commissioning of a new and advanced navigation and discovery system.