The company is back to Dubai Airport Show from 15th to 17th of May

After the positive experience of last year, A.ST.I.M. is back to Dubai Airport Show, the International Exhibition that showcases the best between manufacturers and solution providers for the airport of the future.

In the context in which innovation is the host, cannot miss the THERMONAV® solutions by A.ST.I.M., in particular DEVS MK3. The modular system for detection of data, management and control of the operations is in fact developed by A.ST.I.M. even in the version for security and surveillance of airports, from the smaller up to the hub of increased traffic, equipped with ARFF module, compliant to the international standards (ICAO and FAA regulations).

The system, supplied already in 12 main Italian airports where the airport emergency management and post incident triage is manned by the Fire Fighters, makes it possible to coordinate and manage the airport operations and preside over the safety of the airport runways and air-side security, with procedures and measures ready to take in case of a danger or an emergency is detected.

The ASTIM systems combines a cartographic navigator with an optional infrared thermal imager to allow operations even in conditions of poor visibility or complete darkness, then allow to connect via radio all vehicles involved in the airport emergency plan t to one or more remote control rooms allowing to share real time videos, critical information, track all vehicles, send and receive support requests or alerts of threats.

The THERMONAV® DEVS Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting version will be visible in Dubai from 15th to 17th of May at the Booth n.4263, there will also be available the version SAR Search and Rescue, used in coastal airports and supporting security operations at sea, as well as the SOF (Special Ops Force), to assist the operations of special forces who should intervene, for example, for the release of the hijacked airplanes or counterterrorism operations.

Meanwhile, the engineers of the R&D department of A.ST.I.M. are working on the development of the new version of THERMONAV® DEVS MK4, which will be released next year and that will be even more powerful in terms of operational capabilities, in addition to allowing even the tracking of emergency and security personnel in closed areas (such as terminals, baggage sorting area, etc.).