Oil Spill Detection, A.ST.I.M. strengthens its position in the Mediterranean

The collaboration between A.ST.I.M. and SIOT continues successfully. SIOT is the company that manages the main Italian oil port (as well as the second in the Mediterranean) in Trieste, and, for the eighth consecutive year, it has chosen again to rely on the solutions and services of the company led by Maurizio Minghelli for the water control and the prevention, detection and management of accidents and environmental emergencies at sea.

Specifically, the project’s focus is SeaGuardian® TMS OSD MK3 system, based on THERMONAV® technology property of A.ST.I.M.: a state-of-the-art solution able to manage in a fully integrated manner all the activities related to safety, oil spill detection and monitoring of naval traffic, and that in Trieste is used to detect the presence of oil in the sea and to increase the overall waterfront security capabilities of the oil terminal; all thanks to its characteristics to be a net-centric modular and scalable system, and therefore able to allow communication and sharing of data and scenarios in real time between sensors, control stations, devices, naval units and reaction systems.

To guarantee the correct functioning of the system and to keep it always efficient, A.ST.I.M. over the years has made available to the customer a continuous maintenance and assistance program, with periodic checks, operator training and evolutionary assistance able to keep one of the most complex Oil Spill Detection systems ever developed; a collaboration started in 2010 and which continues today, confirming the trust placed to even the company’s after-sales services.