With ENEA for the development of new automation technologies

A.ST.I.M. solutions join even the world of robotics research: it is indeed ENEA, the Italian National Agency for new technologies, energy and sustainable economic development, the last actuality in terms of time that required the company its devices, which will be used for the development of new automation technologies.

In particular, a specific laser sensor has been delivered to the Department of Energy Technologies (DTE) which is able to analyze a field of view up to 240° amplitude, with wavelength equal to 785 nm, inside of which he precisely calculates spatial coordinates and distances between objects. The solution has entered into the main ENEA’s complex of laboratories and plants in Rome, and specifically in the Distributed Intelligence and Robotics Laboratory for the Environment and the Person, where it will help the development of automation solutions and technologies like an anthropomorphic robot developed by the institution; the laser sensor supplied by A.ST.I.M. will support in fact the localization, planning and implementation of the automaton’s motion.

The company thus extends its sphere of collaborations with the research world, with a contract that is added to the ones signed for prestigious university universities (Milan, Florence, Catania, Genoa and Trieste) and institutes of excellence such as the Sant’Anna High School in Pisa, who chose A.ST.I.M. solutions for their innovative projects.