Italian Coast Guard, new capabilities for the vessel CP 409 “Giulio Ingianni”

The search and rescue operations in the open sea have become increasingly frequent and complex in recent years: for those who work daily in that context, therefore it is necessary having always at their disposal the most technologically advanced systems.

With this in mind, the Italian Coast Guard confirms once again its trust in A.ST.I.M., choosing the company and its solutions for the equipment of the naval unit CP 409 “Giulio Ingianni“, engaged in operational missions in the Mediterranean and belonging to the Corp’s “fishing surveillance” component. Already equipped since 2014 with a C2-THERMONAV® NAVY mission system, in recent months the unit’s command has chosen to upgrade the on-board equipment with SeaGuardian® TMS MK3 SAR installed more recently on other units of the Coast Guard.

Thanks to this upgrade, the ship’s crew now has a new operator interface and new features including the management of digital cartography and maps in overlay to the PPI radar, representation and tracking of AIS targets and even more specific SAR features, developed by the company to respond to the operational needs of Research and Rescue, as the creation and the management of grid map and search pattern according to the Italian Coast Guard protocols.

The system’s pre-existing features are confirmed but optimized like the advanced vision through a multi-sensor suite, radar and video tracking and georeferenced recording of the mission which is now encrypted.

Thanks to SeaGuardian® TMS MK3 SAR, the real-time representation of the operating scenario in the area of interest is guaranteed.