Evolution of the V.I.P. Escort service and high technology with silent shadow by A.ST.I.M.

A high-tech system for the safety and physical protection of people, capable of managing and coordinating the operational capacity of a team of specialists in ordinary situations and in case of emergency, favoring rapid action times and an accurate precision of intervention. This is Silent Shadow, the state of the art of the sector created by the team of A.ST.I.M., Italian-based company that for over ten years produces products, systems, services and integrated solutions, able to cover the needs of defense, protection and the security of Governments, Institutions and Armed Forces, citizens and communities, in every possible scenario of intervention (sky, sea, land and cyberspace).

Silent Shadow is an integrated system that, installed on a fixed site or used inside moving vehicles (from cars to drones), allows you to know at any time the position of the person to be protected, indoors or outdoors, and to perform environmental reconnaissance operations in any condition by specialized teams or rapid reaction (QRT). The system, based on Thermonav® technology, the proprietary technology of A.ST.I.M. has been developed specifically for the physical protection of Heads of State, government figures and, more generally, of subjects to highly specialized and structured escort services.

The system gathers information from different types of surveillance sensors (EOSS, radar, transponder…) installed on board the vehicles interconnected to the system. Thanks to the data fusion capabilities and the extension of the detection capabilities through the sensors, it is able to represent a detailed scenario on cartography (using a proprietary GIS engine, able to use any ESRI® tool and cartographic support); to locate the supervised subjects; to represent objects or potential threats and to share them in real-time with remote control rooms and connected vehicles. The RTLS component also allows the monitoring of the situation even in closed rooms and the tracking of protection teams and VIPs in real time. A specific module, moreover, allows to manage images, videos, documents and metadata in complete safety, providing the information for the definition of the operational plans to all the stations and the connected teams through an internal backbone based on Ethernet LAN (also redundant) and can also use radio data links.

Moreover, Silent Shadow combines advanced operational capabilities to conduct and control interventions and actions among the vehicles on the network, even in the case of changes, even sudden, of the scenario. With Silent Shadow it is possible to define the route to the various planned destination points, calculate alternative routes thanks to traffic info in real time, transmit support requests, ambush signals, requests for health intervention and rapid evacuation provisions. The information is shared through a completely secure communication channel that uses an encryption system based on AES-256 standards. With Silent Shadow, any vehicle can act as a connection point and return to the control rooms for close protection teams (equipped with environmental sensors, hidden cameras and radio beacons RTLS, discrete and interconnected systems and the vehicles outside). The system also provides for the recording of every event, alarm and detail of the mission (also through video and photos) with a mini-Voyager Data Recorder. This connection system allows an extraordinary rapidity of action and immediate responses when a threat is present or a dangerous situation is recorded.