Confindustria, Maurizio Minghelli joins the National Small Industry Council

Maurizio Minghelli, CEO and founder of A.ST.I.M. was recently elected at the Confindustria’s Central National Council of Small Industry: an important recognition for the entrepreneur and also for the company, thanks to which, after many years, the Romagna entrepreneurial returns to be represented within the national organisation.

“The Italian economic system -says Minghelli- has one of its winning cards right in the small businesses, which represent the territory and its resources, this last can innovate and be competitive on the markets, including international ones; a positive model, in which A.ST.I.M. is perfectly recognizable. Also for this reason, I am happy to represent experiences like mine at the national level”.

Within the Association, and specifically at Confindustria Romagna, Minghelli already filled the role of President Small Industry and, therefore, also Vice-President. Since the 2016 he is also on the Atlantic Club’s directors board of Bologna, a local expression of the Italian Atlantic Committee.