A.ST.I.M. in India with its airport security solutions

The Asian and Middle Eastern market continues to be one of the main areas of interest of A.ST.I.M.: after Oman, its support systems for the airport emergencies management, in fact, were proposed also for the construction and supply of 30 vehicles for firefighters operating in the airport in India.

THERMONAV® DEVS MK3 Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting is a collaborative system that puts in real time all the media on which it is present and, at the same time, information coming from different and sophisticated sensors and systems on network. Characteristic of the product, which operates in a completely digital way, is to be modular, thanks to 5 different subsystems: enhanced vision, cartographic navigation, collaboration, registration and enslavement.

In particular, through a method of effective vision in any climatic condition and visibility, the system records videos and photos of the analyzed areas (with sophisticated algorithms of georeferencing and encryption of data and images); furthermore, it allows sharing videos and information through a fast and secure digital data link, with the functionality of text and voice messaging. Finally, thanks to a high precision satellite positioning system and a high-resolution cartographic system, it is able to quickly drive the vehicle to the destination site, using both absolute coordinates and grid map.

The proposed solution, which can operate stand alone or be inserted within a more complex system already implemented, manages any type of operation, both indoor and outdoor, due to the RTLS Real Time Location System function for tracking each security operator and real time sharing of operational information, even inside closed premises such as terminals and baggage handling areas: an evolution of the initial project that testifies the company’s ability to meet the new needs, always in rapid change in terms of international security.