An innovative delivery for the environmental control and operational support will be installed in upcoming weeks

Sea control, prevention, detection and management of accidents and environmental emergencies at sea: this is the task of the system that A.ST.I.M. has prepared for a major ship owner, leader in the environmental protection and pollution control activities, terrestrial and marine environmental remediation.

The THERMONAV® DEVS MK3 system equipped with the mission module for the Oil Spill Detection, will be installed in the coming weeks on board of a naval unit that will operate in support of the second European oil terminal for which A.ST.I.M. provided a few years ago one of the most sophisticated systems in the world in terms of Security and Oil Spill Detection and since then keeps constantly updated and efficiency.

The new supply, which will be installed on vessel, will be equipped with a sensors suite highly evolved with radar, IR, TV and UV surveillance capabilities. In particular, the IR channel (infrared) will be able to recognize and detect the contaminant into the sea by means of a complex algorithm for improvement and amplification of the thermal images, while the combined use in “fusion” of the TV channel and of the UV (ultraviolet) payload will allow confirming and classifying the possible contaminant presence. One of the elements of greatest innovation of this new supply is represented by the new command and control capabilities and management of operational mission that the system on board the ship will be able to manage.

Replicating the operational capabilities of the instrumentation installed on the terminal, the naval unit will be able to converse in real time and completely digitized with the command and control console present in several control crisis rooms, thus ensuring a constant collaboration and sharing of data, video and information. A powerful cartographic engine will manage and represent on electronic charts the evolution in real time of the operating scenario, while operators both in the terminal and in the sea will be able to organize, coordinate and manage routine services or emergency operations through such technologies , methods and tools used for the conduct of major emergencies by many government institutions and military agencies using for years the systems produced by A.ST.I.M.