MicrosoftTeams-image (15)One of the many services offered by ASTIM, once the sale of a product has been completed, is that of continuous and constant customer support.

SeaGuardian® TMS – equipped with SAR Mission Module – is the dual use ASTIM Mission System designed for search and rescue, maritime patrol, sea control and surveillance operations. SeaGuardian® TMS SAR MK4 is a system with state-of-the-art functions that integrates all the assets necessary for surface and underwater surveillance, sensor and image management, navigation support and last but not least, command and control functions. It is able to provide real-time sharing of images from boats, patrol boats, helicopters, drones or ground installations, in turn equipped with the SeaGuardian system and interconnected with each other with broadband communication devices. This allows to provide operators with complete knowledge of the situation of the monitored area, with the ability to plan and perform all the actions required by the situation.

It is precisely for the efficiency and practicality of our system that the Port System Authority of the Strait of Messina has created an architecture that includes a Command and Control station installed in its operations center and interconnected to a CP800 unit of the Port Authority of Messina and a unit of the Pilots of the Port of Messina both equipped with our SeaGuardian® SAR system version MK4.

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The use of our mission system allows the Port System Authority of the Strait to carry out all institutional tasks as well as assisting the activities of the Port Authority and Port Pilots.

In order to update the system configurations, one of our technicians, under the supervision of ourPogram & Proposal Manager, went to Messina these days to release a system update and test its operation.

This latest update available on the market, will not only be able to confirm and consolidate the previous functions and those present in the previous MK3 version, but to allow a significant implementation of operations while continuing to guarantee the efficiency of the Port Authority, thus consolidating the fruitful collaboration relationship that has been established with our company for years.