“TENAX PRO MARE SALUTEM” ASTIM on board the new CP420

ScreenshotAfter the great success of the presentation and launching ceremony of the boat destined for search and rescue, held in Messina on December 12th, with great pleasure we want to communicate the success of the final test and our future – now consolidated – collaboration for the second unit of the fleet called “Angels of the sea” in honor of all the people who, just like Natale De Grazia to whom this first boat is dedicated, work to safeguard peace in our seas.

For a company like ASTIM, which specializes in ensuring security and defense within the naval sector, it is a great satisfaction and a source of pride to be on board the new CP420 Coast Guard ship.

With the installation of SeaGuardian, well known within the industry, ASTIM has provided the CP420 with a long range, next generation, compact and high performance multisensor system managed by a MIL-SPEC console with advanced features to ensure the success in: search and rescue operations, maritime patrol, sea and border security control, national protection and surveillance operations.