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Launch and support the landing forces and launching capabilities from the sea, carry out delicate tasks and solving of obvious strategic importance, to respond decisively to urgent operational problems and dangerous political implications. The modern international conflict scenarios are increasingly demanding the intervention of unconventional small units, particularly trained and equipped. Our systems ensure a significant increase in operating capacity during the assault missions, landing, infiltration, reconnaissance and counter terrorism.
SeaGuardian is the central command and decision-making element of a naval command and control system. Equipped with a complete medium or long range sensors and managed by an advanced multifunctional console, SeaGuardian EOSS are state-of-the-art solutions for all surveillance missions. Instead, SeaGuardian TMS – Tactical Mission System, equipped with NSOF Mission Module, is A.ST.I.M.’s Command & Control system for combatant or dual-use applications such as maritime patrol, border security, sea control, amphibious assault and unconventional missions. All SeaGuardian EOSS can be integrated into SeaGuardian TMS. All SeaGuardian family products use THERMONAV® technology at framework level.

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The NSOF mission module is designed to provide full defense, surveillance and SOF capabilities. It includes layered air defense, surface and underwater surveillance capabilities, SAR patterns and resources, specific functions for typical SOF ops, ASW (antisubmarine warfare) functions, coordinated naval gunfire support, ECM (electronic countermeasure) and full fighter, MPA (maritime patrol aircraft), helicopter and UxV control, for today’s multi-role navies and boats. It is aimed to equip from landing craft to fast combat boats, interceptors or unconventional vehicles (surface or underwater). Its functions and performances like: supporting sensor management, images and scenarios compilation, sharing and exchanging of such information with other assets and shore control rooms, situation assessment, reaction support and weapon control, are critical to the operational effectiveness of a naval unit. Maritime mission management systems have evolved to serve the needs of maritime security operations. Accordingly, they support constabulary functions of surveillance, anomaly detection, evidence gathering and, as necessary, interdiction and arrest. SeaGuardian provides the perfect match between these different worlds.