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Combat and moving in all operating scenarios, from mountains to underwater and amphibious environments, as a result of high altitude parachute jump or by infiltration in small groups. Maintain high operational autonomy in any situation, behind enemy lines, and at a great distance from those friends.
With a complete sensors suite, net-centric architecture and a powerful GIS engine, TALON TMS (Target Acquisition Land Observation and Navigation – Tactical Mission System) is the state-of-the-art solution specifically designed for vehicles used by special forces teams during infiltration, exfiltration, counter terrorism, peacekeeping, VIP escort, intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition, reconnaissance and unconventional operations.

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Driver Enhancement Vision System (DEVS), middle or long range radar and electro-optical surveillance, tactical scenarios and situation awareness representation with data fusion, planning, management and debriefing of complex and critical operations are just some of the system capabilities. THERMONAV® technology is able to creates a wide-band radio bubble around the vehicle, from which will be possible to launch for example a small UAV completely managed by TALON TMS for surveillance or to connect via radio the vehicle beyond ‘horizon to a remote command center or other vehicles deployed on the battlefield. Thanks to net-centric architecture, via third party tactical radio data-link, TALON TMS are able to share complete tactical scenarios with the BMS (Battlefield Management System) command and control systems. Then, each vehicle will be able to send support requests, early warning or imminent threats, targets, and many other information.