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In case of emergencies, fast and reliable times of response must be guaranteed. The situation awareness is one of the most important things to ensure maximum operational capability. THERMONAV® DEVS ARFF is the state-of-the-art solution for big emergencies management and is particularly suitable for airport emergencies. It was developed in accordance with the recommendations from the FAA Advisory Circular n.° 150 / 5210-19A and it is also compliant with the requirements specified by N.F.P.A. – NFPA® 414 and l.C.A.O. manual 9137 “Airport Services Manual Part 1 Rescue and Fire Fighting”. THERMONAV® DEVS ARFF was developed to be installed onboard fire brigade vehicles, police vehicles, ambulances, and any other vehicles involved in airport emergency plan. Furthermore, in the case of coastal airports, it may also be installed on board search and rescue boats and patrol boats. THERMONAV® DEVS ARFF is the backbone of operations which to structure and manage any emergency: from terrorist attack to plane crashes, from hijacking to preventative air-side security operations, from medical emergencies to routine security activities inside the terminals.
It combines a moving map display with an optional infrared thermal imager to give rescue crews the information and situational awareness they need to safely navigate to the site of an accident, either on or off the airfield in low and no visibility conditions.

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THERMONAV® technology connect via radio data-link all vehicles involved in the emergencies management plan, the airport control tower and all remote control rooms. THERMONAV® data link allows vehicle crews and command center to share in real-time critical information, track all vehicles, send and receive support requests (firefighting, police or ambulance vehicles), send and receive alerts and threats (fire, wreckage, general alert), receive real-time videos from all interconnected vehicles, in order to react to changing situations and save lives. THERMONAV® DEVS ARFF can also be installed in snow plows, “Follow Me” vehicles, and other airfield assets critical for having the capability to navigate safely and expeditiously in limited visibility. The system is also ready for runway incursion warning system compliant with the FAA Advisory Circular n.° 150/5210-25.
When the emergencies are inside terminals, offices, baggage handling area or metro/train stations the solution for indoor emergencies management is THERMONAV® RTLS (Real Time Location System). This is an innovative systems for indoor localization in RF technology using UWB – IEEE 802.15.4a Ultra Wide Band. THERMONAV® RTLS can be used for real-time data and information sharing, operation management and localization of police men inside terminals or other indoor areas, SOF operators during counter terrorism operations, firefighter inside terminals during fire emergencies and for V.I.P. escort support, vehicles collision avoidance inside baggage handling area or for RF network backup in case of network failover.


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