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Referring the team of agents engaged in the physical protection of people, quick and sure response times can enhance the operational capability of those who offer protection to the VIP. The situation awareness is of fundamental importance in order to ensure maximum operational capability. Silent Shadow is the ideal solution to manage and control the vehicles used for the closed protection and the support to all movement of the VIP.
Silent Shadow is an integrated system that can be used not only in order to know the position of the VIP and teams, but also during environmental recognition operations carried out by specialized teams or Quick Reaction Teams (QRT): in town as well as in the whole country, and in every operative context where the recognition area must be rapidly coordinated in order to obtain an effective reaction that will aim to maintain the VIP in a permanent condition of total security.

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THERMONAV® technology connect via radio data-link the vehicle to a remote control room (one or more) or other vehicles deployed on the territory. The system receive data, information and real-time videos from direct connected sensors (radar, trasponder, EO/IR, etc) or installed on board other vehicles, airplanes, helicopters and drones: interconnected via radio THERMONAV® data-link or other radio data-link. Thanks to data fusion functionalities and extended detection range capabilities through surveillance sensor installed onboard inteconnected vehicles, Silent Shadow is able to represent a clear scenario on cartography and share it with all control rooms and vehicles.

Every vehicle is able to calculate autonomous route to planned destinations, calculate alternative routes, receive real-time info traffic, submit support requests, alerts for ambushes, and share more information, through a secure communication channel. Each vehicle can be the connector between control rooms and close protection teams equipped with environmental sensors, hidden cameras and radio beacons RTLS: discrete and interconnected systems between them and the outside vehicles, used for surveillance and tracking of VIP and bodyguards in closed environment and for fast reaction.