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A ship proceeds along its course, the restaurants on board are in full activities as well as theaters and the shops; the sea is calm and the stars shine in the sky; night and sea merge on the horizon in a single black shadow; in the ocean silence, the noise of the ship is goes down while it moves away. The fall of a person into the sea from a ship (man overboard) is a very critical situation; the detection of these events is complex and extremely important, as well as everything that happens later. Detect the event, stop the ship, rotate it, keep it far enough from the castaway and start all search and rescue procedures, are all activities that must be carried out rapidly and synchronized in order to save human life.

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Radar and laser systems, IR/TV and ultraviolet electro-optic technologies, represent the sensors suite that can equip our solution called SeaGuardian MOB. Specifically designed for automatic man overboard detection and management of following SAR activities. Our solution is designed not only for the automatic detection in all weather conditions but also to give the best support during all research and rescue phases, minimizing, in this way, the intervention time and maximizing the chances of survival of the shipwrecked victim.