Also A.ST.I.M. among the Italian innovative SMEs

What are innovative SMEs? According to the Italian Government, they are small and medium-sized enterprises that are in the field of innovation and which, representing an important driving force for growth and competitiveness of the country, must be adequately encouraged. From now on, A.ST.I.M. is also a figure that, thanks to its strong vocation to research and development, can enjoy a status that allows it to have various advantages, both in terms of taxation and capital attractiveness of financial resources. The latter are necessary, for example, to support technical research and expansion, including commercial ones.

An important certificate (today there are about 700 innovative SMEs recognized in Italy), which testifies at the same time the commitment, by the management and the whole staff, in terms of R&D: an activity to which A.ST.I.M. has been dedicating ever-increasing resources for some time now, amounting to around 10% of its turnover, and that over the years has yielded fruits like the THERMONAV® technology, the pride of the company and also fundamental in the awarding of recognition, as a product with a high rate of innovation.