At the Sant’Anna of Pisa, the applied sciences are studied thanks to A.ST.I.M.’s laser

Few days ago, two new scanning laser rangefinder were delivered by A.ST.I.M. to the BioRobotics Institute of “Sant’Anna” high school of Pisa. The equipment was required by this last to potentiate its technological equipment in support of the innovation in scientific research field and advanced training, developed in collaboration with universities, institutions, companies and foreign research institutes.

In this case, the new devices will be used for the “Centauro” project involving Piaggio and Sant’Anna institute to integrate the Vespa factory to the industry 4.0 process: an interesting project that aimed to create various systems, which will have many functions ranging from scooter’s shell defect correction to the brakes test.

In particular way, the solutions delivered by A.ST.I.M. allow to accurately analyze the visual field up to 270 ° of amplitude, using a wavelength range equal to 905 nm to calculate the distance between the objects and their precise spatial coordinates, to provide, in this way, useful information that will be then transferred to other devices connected to the network.

This supply, entrusted to A.ST.I.M. through a tender that has been awarded at the end of summer, is a further step in the collaboration between the company (already a technical partner of many other universities) and the research centers of our country.