A.ST.I.M. for surveillance and prevention of risk at the industrial sites

The surveillance of an industrial site, the safety of employees who may, voluntarily or involuntarily, be exposed to danger, and the prevention of environmental damage: these are the aims of the recent acquired contract for a factory from the Central Italy.

A.ST.I.M. will supply this security system to an Italian company that operates in the environmental sector, whose production area is characterized by the presence of storage areas of material classified as non-hazardous, but which may be subject of accidents, tampering or contamination.

The core of this project is composed by a set of latest-generation viewers and infrared short / medium distance payloads connected to a sophisticated video analysis software for fire detection. In this way, the security staff will be able to control the area of interest in real time, 24 hours a day, even in conditions of poor visibility, preventing any accidents and ensuring a timely intervention, in case of extraordinary events that may risk the deposited material or the safety of the site and the people who work there. Furthermore, all collected data can be recorded for eventual documental purposes.

In such way A.ST.I.M. confirms itself as a reality that, thanks to its specialists, is able to respond to the most varied requests and, following the customer’s risk analysis, to identify the best solution to resolve this criticality.