A.ST.I.M. for research alongside the Milan University

A continuous collaboration between A.ST.I.M. and the academic and research world: after Universities such as Florence, Catania, Genoa and Trieste, and institutes of excellence such as the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies in Pisa, the University of Milan chose the company leaded by Maurizio Minghelli for their new instruments.

The supply consists on about ten of products including vision devices with 3D sensors and lasers, destined to the AIS (Applied Intelligent Systems) Laboratory of the IT department, engaged in the development and application of methods and algorithms based on computational intelligence for industrial and clinical field.

The devices, supplied at the beginning of the year, by A.ST.IM, are able to detect 3D movements and – thanks to the laser sensor – to analyze with extreme precision a field of vision up to 240 ° of amplitude, using a radius of wavelength equal to 785 nm, with which it calculates the distance between objects and their precise spatial coordinates, giving in this way useful information to transfer to other devices connected to the same network. This supply for academic projects confirms the role of A.ST.I.M. as an important technical partner of universities and centers for research and for the development of the country.