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SeaGuardian OSD (Oil Spill Detection) is a state-of-the-art solution for onshore and offshore industry and farm, able to manage security, oil spill detection and vessel traffic monitoring by only one completely integrated system. Thanks to modular, scalable and THERMONAV® powered architecture, allows real-time net-centric communication, scenarios and data sharing between many sensor, remote control rooms, vessels, reactions devices and systems.
It quickly generates data products that are readily available to all users, offering essential information to the operations manager when it is needed most.
In addition to full IR/TV video, radar and sonar functionalities, SeaGuardian OSD satisfies the full spectrum of pollution control operations.

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SeaGuardian OSD performs data transfer, network operation and protocol in a standards-based, service-oriented architecture, providing robust situational awareness tools and information sharing capabilities in a secure network. One system for complete security and safety of people, equipment and the environment.


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