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Customers around the globe have a growing need to protect assets that are of strategic importance to their national sovereignty. Any attacks on strategic infrastructure such as airports, railway stations, highways or town, prisons, industries or power plants can significantly disrupt the stability of governments and business relationship. HiProDOME (High technology Proactive Detection and Observation with Mobility and Early warning) is the state-of-the-art security system for coastal and land-based Strategic Infrastructure. Thanks to the ability to detect human-sized targets at several kilometers away using many technologies such as radar, electro-optic TV/IR, laser, telecommunication systems and many more, it is extremely suitable for security of wide areas such as border surveillance and protection, airports and air-side security, prisons perimeters surveillance, drone detection and neutralization, railway stations security, industries surveillance and protection (for security, safety or industrial espionage), critical and strategic infrastructures security and defense.

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Protecting a country’s borders and his strategic infrastructures is vital to its Homeland Security. However, detect potential intruders or potentially dangerous target in total darkness or in adverse weather conditions, is very challenging, and it is more challenging coordinate countermeasures and reaction forces (people, vehicles or drones) to counter the threat detected.
HiProDOME provides layered protection and support existing systems and procedures, with modular, scalable, fully integrated and turnkey solutions. It can be work in fixed or mobility configurations and includes: cyber security, situational awareness sensors, command & control console, communication systems and non-lethal weapons.