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Today Industry market requires innovation and automation of production processes and management. The skills of A.ST.I.M. in automation and information technology systems, allow us to create technologically solutions for integrating logistics / production thereby meeting the needs of management and monitoring of production activities, with total use of the potential offered by ICT technologies.
Here are several intervention areas to make this significant transition from a 3.0 scenario (high level of automation) to the National Industry Plan 4.0, featuring real-time sharing information even in areas not directly linked to production, with very different technologies but strongly integrated and that in some cases also characterize the everyday life of us all and that more and more in the future will be central: not just generating large data but above all great data analysis capabilities, cyber-physical systems and decentralized intelligence.

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CPUs and HMI interfaces interconnected to a multi-server / multi-client architecture for the SCADA system, able to operates in a fully virtualized environments. Our solutions include Level 1 (PLC and HMI), Level 2 (Scada) and Level 3: MES (Manufacturing Execution System), PLM (Product Life Management) and MMS (Maintenance Management System) fully integrated and interconnected with Level 4: Material Requirements Planning/Manufacturing Resources Planning (MRP) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), for optimizing organizational processes, Logistical-productive integration. The last step is called “cognitive automation“: machines generate big data that are processed in real time by distributed and interconnected computing centers that can evaluate needs, simulate production programs, manage the progress of the selected production program and distributing real-time information to all departments (from maintenance to analysis labs, from pre-production test lines to real production lines, from administration to sales offices: sales and purchases to logistics management).
Our long experience in Information Technology (IT) and skills of our technical staff allow us to supply tailor made solutions.


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