Through the THERMONAV® DEVS MK3 ARFF, our national airports make a quantum leap to the highest world standards

A few days ago, it was completed the supply of 10 THERMONAV® DEVS MK3 ARFF systems (Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting) created by A.ST.I.M. and destined to the firefighters Department for emergencies management in 10 of the most important Italian airports: Bergamo, Bologna, Catania, Milan (Linate and Malpensa), Naples, Pisa, Rome (Ciampino), Turin (Caselle) and Venice.
The order, commissioned by the Ministry of Interior, has as object the A.ST.I.M.’s innovative solution for airport operations support in case of emergency, facilitating the driving phases, the vision in extreme conditions, the planning and the conducting of emergencies operations even in complex scenarios.

The solution retrieves and links in network all coming information from various sensors and systems in a fully digital mode. Thanks to his modulare characteristic, the product works through 5 different subsystems that oversee many activities as:

  • Advanced vision module;
  • Navigation mapping module;
  • Collaboration module, which is the system for exchange of digitized information between the control tower, vehicles and operating rooms;
  • Recording module, for registrations of video, photos, location, routes and other important information;
  • Slaving module useful to introduce support elements for operations (eg. radar, light projectors, transponders etc …).

The equipment can be installed on vehicles, control towers, control rooms, command centers and crisis unit, aircraft and other strategic points inside the airport. Through this device, the Firefighters Department raises further their operational services and safety standards as the main international airports, following, in this way, countries such as Turkey, Middle East and USA, and positioning among the most performing European countries on this field.