It was completed, in recent weeks, the supply of 10 high-tech systems made by A.ST.I.M., an Italian company from Ravenna, which since ten years designs and develops high-tech solutions, and in this case will go to the management by the Firefighters of airport emergencies in the main 10 Italian airports. Download PDF

A.ST.I.M. S.r.l. introduce THERMONAV virtual console

THERMONAV, the innovative family of products with high technological content, dedicated to night navigation and the safety board, imported and distributed in Italy by A.ST.IM. S.r.l. based in Ravenna (Italy), achieves a new result of excellence. During the Boat Shows of October-November presents a new catalog and a new list, increasing the range of proposed […]

PEGASO – your yacht ever to be secured against: theft, fire and sinking

PEGASO – your yacht ever to be secured against: theft, fire and sinking. Specially designed for maritime use, here’s the final product by A.ST.I.M. S.r.l. based in Ravenna (Italy). PEGASO is a remote GSM / GPRS monitoring system with GPS position location, which allows you keep under control your vessel, and to be promptly notified […]

Always Securtiy

The on-board radar detects a possible danger, Voyager shows what it is. Safety Always! In any weather, day and night, whether you are experienced sailors or young owners. Download PDF

A.ST.I.M. S.r.l. introduce Navigator II

It is non-stop the continued progress of thermal cameras, designed for night navigation, imported and distributed by A.ST.I.M. S.r.l. Navigator II: this is the name of the latest version, is certainly the most appreciated by the market at this time. Download PDF

THERMONAV HRC-40x490MS for Ravenna Port

Signed, after complex negotiations, the important trade agreement between the Port Authority of Ravenna, the U.S. company FLIR Systems Inc. and the Ravenna A.ST.I.M. S.r.l: leading to the installation of a sophisticated system of infrared vision, for the safety of the port of Ravenna, the harbour front and the neighbouring coast. Download PDF

A.ST.I.M. S.r.l. introduces Mariner

A.ST.I.M. S.r.l. introduces Mariner one of the infrared cameras manufactured by FLIR Systems, imported in Italy by A.ST.I.M. S.r.l., to support the navigation during the night. Download PDF