One of the many services offered by ASTIM, once the sale of a product has been completed, is that of continuous and constant customer support. SeaGuardian® TMS – equipped with SAR Mission Module – is the dual use ASTIM Mission System designed for search and rescue, maritime patrol, sea control and surveillance operations. SeaGuardian® TMS […]

“TENAX PRO MARE SALUTEM” ASTIM on board the new CP420

After the great success of the presentation and launching ceremony of the boat destined for search and rescue, held in Messina on December 12th, with great pleasure we want to communicate the success of the final test and our future – now consolidated – collaboration for the second unit of the fleet called “Angels of […]

Smart factory: with A.ST.I.M. between interconnection and traceability

The production control is further improved thanks to the A.ST.I.M.’s solutions think for a truly cutting-edge smart factory. In fact, the project of re-engineering in the Industry 4.0 key of the activity of one of the reference customers of the industrial business unit of the Italian company continues, specifically a player in the rubber and […]

Oil Spill Detection, A.ST.I.M. strengthens its position in the Mediterranean

The collaboration between A.ST.I.M. and SIOT continues successfully. SIOT is the company that manages the main Italian oil port (as well as the second in the Mediterranean) in Trieste, and, for the eighth consecutive year, it has chosen again to rely on the solutions and services of the company led by Maurizio Minghelli for the […]

With ENEA for the development of new automation technologies

A.ST.I.M. solutions join even the world of robotics research: it is indeed ENEA, the Italian National Agency for new technologies, energy and sustainable economic development, the last actuality in terms of time that required the company its devices, which will be used for the development of new automation technologies.

Seaguardian® MK4: the new generation of naval and coastal mission systems

The latest news from A.ST.I.M. is called SeaGuardian® MK4 and represents the new technological generation of mission systems for naval units and maritime security; thanks to its new system architecture radically modificated, in open version, it provides operating capabilities in architectures with both way distributed and centralized intelligence, and allows a great flexibility of use […]