Solutions and high-tech systems
Day/night and thermal vision systems, radar and laser systems for security and surveillance applications
Today, the challenge to CCTV professionals is to make sure that video footage is effective on a 24/7 basis,
365 days a year and detect threats more and more difficult to identify. Securing an area during the daytime is relatively easy, but what happens during the night? And in weather conditions like fog, rain or snow?
Whatever solution or technology is chosen for securing an area, they all have their advantages and disadvantages and some technologies are more expensive than others.


Today, the most effective security projects use multiple technologies in combination with each other to compensate the disadvantages of one with the other advantages.
Thanks to long experience in the implementation of complex and innovative security systems, we have selected the best products and technologies for security and surveillance applications, in this way we can effectively assist our customers in selecting the best technical solutions.


  • Fix or PTZ day/night cameras
  • Analog or IP technologies based
  • Fix or PTZ thermal cameras and multi-sensor systems
  • Video recording systems
  • Security radar system with tracking and slew-to-cue tools for day/night or thermal cameras
  • Security laser system with tracking and slew-to-cue tools for day/night or thermal cameras
  • Radar video, metadata, image and radar or laser data tools
  • Non-lethal defense systems and deterrents

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