Today, thanks to our attention to customer’s need, combined with the professionalism and dynamism of our services, A.ST.I.M. offers to its partners the best solutions, confirming itself as a landmark in every area of expertise.

In order to maintain the optimal operability of all his systems and to ensure the best performance; at the completion of all supplied systems are provided before-sales and after-sales services.


Risk analysis, operative procedures analysis and on-site audits

We firmly believe that take the role of operators who will be using our systems, is a valid way to constantly improve our solutions. For this, we are able to support our customers in analyzing the risks relating to security, through our certified technicians, analyzing the operational procedures used and performing on-site audits.



With over 300 THERMONAV® certifications issued to both military and civilian operators, A.ST.I.M. is committed to maintaining high levels of efficiency of his systems and to ensure high operational performance, to succeed in this, he has developed a training program consisting of three different levels of certification, for technical operational staff and for technical maintenance staff. In order to train personnel able to teach the use of its systems, A.ST.I.M. also provides a number of additional courses divided into five different levels.


Evolutionary support and technical support (remote and on-site)

Each order to A.ST.I.M. is prepared with a specific study, oriented towards the customization of all services to find the most valid solution to ensure a long life cycle of products and to maximize customer investments; for this reason a real 24/24 hours services center was created with operators ready to answer to every question and to give online solutions, or planning on-site activities.


Logistic support

In addition to the design and production of products and solutions, our expertise also extends into the design of services for logistic support, targeted to meet requirements such as availability and prompt operativity with low life cycle costs and the long-term operative performances demanded by clients for their systems.

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