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Installed onboard one of the naval units of the Genoa Provincial Fire Brigade Command the Thermonav® DEVS MK3 SAR system

If the Tyrrhenian and the Ligurian Sea‘s waters are safer today, it is also thanks to A.ST.I.M. In fact It has been installed onboard one of the naval units of the Genoa Provincial Fire Brigade Command used by the port detachment forces, the Thermonav® DEVS MK3 SAR (updated later to the SeaGuardian TMS / EOSS-Fa version), the A.ST.I.M.’s system which detects and manages emergency situations at sea.

The RAF class boat has been equipped with a naval mission system able to support the driving phases, the vision in extreme conditions, the Planning and the conduction of operations through an electro-optic sensor equipped with video-tracking module, mapping and SAR mission. The Firefighter Corps specialists can in this way monitorate more accurately ships, floats and whole port area, a very complex scenario due to the commercial and industrial activities.

This equipment integrates a previous supply for other boats used by the same corps detachment, enhancing in this way their operational capabilities thanks to the integrated modules and the ability to collaborate with other naval units and/or other systems.

The system, subject of testing and operators training, is already operative since the early May to cure the security and the safeguarding of waters, operators and tourists in a particularly intense period of maritime traffic such as the summer one.


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