Solutions and high-tech systems

A wide range of skills and technologies that enable us to provide innovative solutions and systems for applications in air, land, sea and in cyberspace.

Thanks to a long experience in sensors integration and in the development of systems able of representing the operative scenario, today A.ST.I.M. designs and develops surveillance and defense systems for military installations, command and control systems and mission systems for special or armored vehicles, helicopters, surveillance airplanes, drones, combat boats, SAR/Patrol vessels, landing boats, amphibious vehicles, unmanned boats , vehicles for VIP protection, emergency vehicles and for the management of major emergencies. A.ST.I.M. is constantly involved in significant technological innovation activities, reserving to R&D programs significant resources if compared to the production values. The company continuously invests in the development of new command and control architecture and integrated systems using well-established solutions, mixed with new technologies. This continuous activity allows the realization of innovative products according to the requirements expressed by customers and the market.


Military infrastructure protection

Increase the situation awareness, supply layered protection to coastal and land-based critical infrastructure from air, surface and underwater threats. Collect, process, analyze, fuse and share most critical information.


Maritime Search and Rescue operations

SeaGuardian is the state-of-the-art solution for dual-use naval missions such as emergencies management or search and rescue operations. With a complete sensor suite and communication systems, it is ideal solution for On Scene Commander ship or any other Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPV) or patrol boats and SAR boats.


Sea control and maritime power projection

The modern international conflict scenarios are increasingly demanding the intervention of unconventional small units, particularly trained and equipped. SeaGuardian increase operational capability during assault, landing, infiltration, reconnaissance and counter terrorism missions.


Unconventional warfare and land operations

Developed for special operations forces, TALON mission system is the state-of-the-art solution for land operations while infiltration and exfiltration, counter terrorism, peacekeeping, VIP escort, intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance operations.


V.I.P. protection and escort

In indoors or outdoors environment, during travels and in all operating situations that aim to keep the V.I.P. permanently totally safe condition. Silent Shadow is the state-of-the-art solution for planning, management and operation of escort services.


Counter terrorism and emergencies management

Not only night vision and understanding of the situation awareness, but also planning, conducting and debriefing of complex emergencies operations and particularly critical as those carried out by firefighting department, police, counter terrorism forces and many other agencies.

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