Solutions and high-tech systems
Shipborne anti-piracy system and ship self-protection

Today the phenomenon of maritime piracy is still growing and changing. It is able to weigh heavily on the economic interests of industry groups and nations, resulting in significant changes in the international geopolitical scenarios. Since 2009 we work to counter maritime piracy threat, developing effective solutions and working with many of the international organizations involved to counter this phenomenon. The ships are very vulnerable asset, they carrying goods and people whose value is increasingly important. To counter maritime piracy and increase ships security we have developed a smart, comprehensive and non-lethal solution called SeaGuardian MSS (Maritime Security & Surveillance) able to protect ships, crews and goods.
SeaGuardian MSS is a state-of-the-art solution able to detect at several nautical miles away every threat using many technologies such as radar, electro-optic TV/IR, laser, telecommunication systems and many more. It is also used to manage and coordinate countermeasures and reaction forces to counter and neutralize the threat detected.


Our solutions provides layered protection and support existing systems and procedures, with turnkey solutions that are modular, scalable, and fully integrated.
Elements of our SeaGuardian MSS for comprehensive ship protection consist of: situational awareness sensors, command & control console, communication systems, and the appropriate level of effects and responses, spanning the spectrum from passive protection and non-lethal defense as laser dazzler or long range acoustic devices.


  • Long range automatic threat detection and classification with automatic tracking tools (video and radar)
  • Surveillance 24/7 during all-weather conditions
  • Layered protection and gradual warning and dissuasion responses
  • Remote-controlled active and close responses
  • Anti-boarding water cannon, smoke generator and slippery foam management
  • Laser dazzler and long range acoustic device management
  • Crew localization at any time
  • Collaboration and data sharing between wheel house, armored citadel and shipowner headquarter
  • Integrated voice communications systems and data management with advanced encryption option
  • Indoor incapacitating smoke management

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