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The new technological generation of mission systems for military and law enforcement naval units developed by A.ST.I.M. and a new fully integrated radar system have increased the surveillance and control capabilities of the vessel, which has collected hundreds of hours of navigation during the summer to protect national and international coasts and waters.


The production control is further improved thanks to the A.ST.I.M.’s solutions think for a truly cutting-edge smart factory. In fact, the project of re-engineering in the Industry 4.0 key of the activity of one of the reference customers of the industrial business unit of the Italian company continues, specifically a player in the rubber and thermoplastic materials sector.


A high-tech system for the safety and physical protection of people, capable of managing and coordinating the operational capacity of a team of specialists in ordinary situations and in case of emergency, favoring rapid action times and an accurate precision of intervention. This is Silent Shadow, the state of the art of the sector created by the team of A.ST.I.M., Italian-based company that for over ten years produces products, systems, services and integrated solutions, able to cover the needs of defense, protection and the security of Governments, Institutions and Armed Forces, citizens and communities, in every possible scenario of intervention (sky, sea, land and cyberspace).


The collaboration between A.ST.I.M. and SIOT continues successfully. SIOT is the company that manages the main Italian oil port (as well as the second in the Mediterranean) in Trieste, and, for the eighth consecutive year, it has chosen again to rely on the solutions and services of the company led by Maurizio Minghelli for the water control and the prevention, detection and management of accidents and environmental emergencies at sea.

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